Madagascan vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Carrot, Red velvet, Rich fruit cupcakes

If you would like to add a little something extra to your cupcakes then why not have them filled with a scrumptious preserve

or curd at 50p extra per cupcake


Classic Vanilla

Madagascan vanilla madeira soaked with vanilla bean syrup, layered with raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream.



Lemon madeira soaked with a fresh lemon syrup and filled with either the finest Lemon curd or raspberry conserve and buttercream.


Delicious chocolate cake layered with creamy chocolate buttercream.


Spiced Carrot cake layered with a zesty orange buttercream (let us know if you would like walnuts added)

Southern Red Velvet

A dramatic looking cake with its bright red colour sharply contrasted by a white vanilla buttercream filling.


Coconut cake soaked with coconut syrup and layered with coconut buttercream and morello cherry preserve. 

Rosewater & Strawberry

A Turkish Delight lovers dream, this delicious Madeira cake is flavoured with rosewater & a strawberry conserve.  We then soak the cake with a rose syrup, layer it with strawberry conserve and softly flavoured rosewater buttercream.


A buttery almond cake soaked with almond syrup, layered with morello cherry preserve & almond buttercream.

Chocolate Truffle

Rich Belgian chocolate cake layered with delicious chocolate ganache.

Other Filling & Buttercream Options

Homemade passion fruit curd, we team this with our Madagascan vanilla cake & vanilla buttercream  ...  (if you love Solero ice lollies then you will love this!)

Salted Caramel can used as a filling or added to your buttercream  (or even better BOTH!)

Fresh raspberry or strawberry Italian meringue buttercream

Italian meringue buttercream flavoured with your favourite liquors - Limoncello / Amaretto / Cointreau / Baileys / Chambord ....etc 




Madagascan vanilla

Spicy gingerbread

Please contact us if you have any queries.

All of the cakes at Suzi Humphries Cake Design are freshly made to order in our busy Cornwall studio kitchen.

We use traditional baking techniques and look to use locally sourced ingredients where possible.


All of our iced cakes are covered in a layer of Belgian chocolate ganache before we ice them. Ganache is a mix of melted chocolate and cream which adds to the decadence and luxury of your cake. Ganache also enables us to achieve the sharp, clean lines that we are known for.

Allergies & Special dietary Requirements

All of our cakes contain gluten and may contain nuts or traces of nuts.

We are able to make gluten free cakes but at this moment do not cater for eggless or dairy free.

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